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(last updated-->3/10/17)
SynthIV's plug-ins are all in beta stage of development at the moment, and they are meant to evolve, change, and improve with each update, so suggestions, bug reports, and general feedback are likely to be directly addressed.  Feel free to request new control options, added effects etc. for plug-ins as well.  As a reminder I make FREE SHIT and hope that I can give back to a community I myself rely heavily on.  I also want to thank the Synthedit community, module creators, skin designers, etc. your work is on display here.

Known issues (all plug-ins)
  • Graphics (GUI) do not load in some DAWs.  Trackiton 7, Renoise 3, and some versions of FL studios encounter this issue.  I have made attempts to fix the issue (as of 3/10/17) in most plug-ins and in some cases may be resolved.  More info HERE at Steinberg about blank GUI plug-ins. 
  • Default preset banks do not load automatically (Not to worry, there is either a bank in the plug-in folder that was downloaded with the .dll or one can be found HERE on KVR)

If you are looking for a detailed manual or instructions, please request specific plug-in(s) that you would like to see a manual written for in a comment below.  A detailed manual should be posted within the week.

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  1. Hola Folks, Good Pluginins, just no flamboyant GUI. Sound Good, so will try to figure out some Patches. Thanks for the Good Work...Shalom, birdsongz (soundcloud)


Any feedback is useful and much appreciated